The Sweet Dreams Guide

The Romance Mystic's Tools for Getting Less Fright, More Insight From Your Nightly Dreams!

About Kiddo Elliott & This Book

I'm Kiddo Elliott, aka The Romance Mystic, and I am on a mission to inspire TRUE love between the sheets . . . and divine cooperation between the sexes.

So it only makes sense we start by addressing the opportunities and troubles we can encounter when we do try to hit the sheets for the very basics—a healthy, nightmare-free sleep full of good dreams we can remember and even get AMAZING personal insights and guidance from.

Don't dismiss your dreams! They are WAY more important than you may realize. No doubt, it would amaze you to learn how seriously dreams and their interpretation have been taken by very serious people right up to modern times.

And if you're one of those who "never" dreams or remembers them, you need to listen up more than anyone.

In this book I'll share with you all my best skills and tools for making the most of your nightly dreams—the place where some of your greatest opportunities for self-awareness and personal growth come from. 

Don't believe that? Well, you'll soon see what I mean.

I'll show you how I have mastered these skills myself over the last 33 years with a little help from my recent years training in the world's premier 'modern mystery school.'

No matter how much you've read about dream interpretation and meaning, astral traveling, lucid dreaming, remembering dreams, spiritual protection, or the like, believe me there are things in here you will never have heard of before (and can't find outside of long years of devoted study in the few genuine mystery schools of the world).

Get a copy today and join the very elite few who know how to make their dream time some of their most important hours of all.

© 2023, Kiddo Elliott, The Romance Mystic