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what went wrong?

It used to be all pizza and morning sex, but you've noticed lately...

...she seems to be pulling away. Early on in your relationship, it seemed like she was really into blowjobs, but lately, it feels different.
You find yourself having to always ask or even plead for it.
When she does deign to "bless" you with a little oral affection, it's not as satisfying, and she seems so uninterested... even bored. Like it's just another chore.
You're wondering what shifted and if this is just a normal part of a long-term relationship. For most men? Yes.
But for you now, it doesn't have to be.

YOUR MISSION—should you choose to accept it—is to navigate through this explosive course, mastering the art of romantic espionage.

YOUR OBJECTIVE: Deploy its top-secret tips and techniques to transform your bedroom into a realm of desire where the art of oral pleasure becomes her newfound delight and a seamless, electrifying element of your regular intimate escapades together.

THE STAKES? Unmatched pleasure for you and a deepened bond for you both. Additionally, you'll gain entry into a select cadre of men who possess an exceptionally powerful masculine romantic finesse.


Gear up, Agent, and let this exhilarating journey commence! 🕵️‍♂️🌟💥



She used to do it for you plenty, no problem. Even enjoyed it. But now she has stopped going down on you, or does so only rarely. It's a chore for her.

She Won't START

She's made it clear (for 1 or more of the 9 reasons we'll cover in the course) that she's just not going to even try it. You've lost all hope.

She's Not GOOD at it

She tries to, but it's not as great as you know it can be, and you don't know how to "coach" her without hurting her feelings or pissing her off.

Oral Alchemy:
Your Secret Silent Weapon to Busting the BJ Bummers and Blockers for Good

A one-of-a-kind GAMIFIED course experience like no other!
WHATEVER her excuses might be for why she won't give you any more oral affection or why it isn't very good for you even when she does, we've got you covered. Prepare to learn the sneaky subtle art of transforming your wife or girlfriend into the best blowjob hobby enthusiast you've ever had. While she thinks IT WAS ALL HER IDEA!
So what's in the course? Watch the video above or keep scrolling below for a breakdown.

our promise

Going Down On YOU = Her New Favorite Hobby (Again?)

👋Howdy, sir. If you're still getting all the long, sloppy, enthusiastic BJs from her you can handle, this course is NOT for you. But... if you're asking yourself, "Why did she STOP giving me oral?" then darling man, I can 100% promise you that your days of disappointment have come to an end!
If she's always REFUSED to go down on you...
Used to love doing it all the time but STOPPED...
Or you just wish she would do it MORE or maybe differently—and without making you feel like it's a chore for her... 
You'll discover how to magically make her LOVE giving you eager, fun, and satisfying blowies like it's her new favorite hobby. And the best part is, you don't even have to say a word. 🤐

No Asking, No Begging...
EVER again

😇And nothing sleazy or manipulative, either. Girl Scouts' honor! She'll come to you on her own and believe it was all her idea while at the same time feeling closer to you than ever before.
Honestly, your wife or girlfriend will want to thank me (kiss me, really!) for what I am teaching you in this course.
It's a total win-win. For YOU...and her, too.💯
😉Take it from me, as a woman myself, I know what I'm talking about, not just from lots of—er—hands-on experience... but from years of research, studying the great sex-perts, and surveying other women on this particular topic.
And I agree with what one wise man once said:

"If you wanna be happy with a woman,
give her what she really wants, even if
she doesn't know she really wants it." M. Fiore

what's in the course?

You'll Get a Fast, Simple Step-By-Step Plan

✅ Part 1 | Discover the 9 BJ BLOCKERS—At Least 3 of Which For Sure You Are Fighting Now 🚧

  • The reasons every man needs to know about why their wife or girlfriend doesn't already love going down on them.
  • Or else why she used to do it, but stopped... or otherwise sees it as a chore or distasteful duty.
  • Just knowing what's in this section alone will set you apart from the rest of the pack forever.

✅ Part 2 | Magically Reframe the BJ  So She Thinks It Was All HER Idea 🪄

  • I'll lay out fun, step-by-step instructions—your 8 "Jedi Moves"—to get you more oral affection pronto.
  • Overcome ANY woman's resistance... because women secretly LOVE going down on a man.
  • Turn her into the BJ goddess who truly enjoys—even takes pride in—the Art of Suck
  • I'll even tell you a weird way to help her experience what it's like to RECEIVE a blowjob! 🤯
  • Plus, learn 2 short, simple games that, just on their own, are worth the cost of this course. These have the power to explode a distant, ho-hum, or even mostly okay relationship into fireworks of joy, pleasure, and new excitement!

✅ Part 3 | Getting Really Good at Getting 🤤

  • Here are THE secrets, and the BIG problem I set out to solve for my life personally before I stumbled upon the first ideas for this course.
  • Discover the perfect way to train her to give it to you EXACTLY the way you want it without pissing her off.
  • Most importantly, learn the 5-Point-Method for how to PROPERLY RECEIVE your blowjob!
  • These lessons are the KEY to all the rest. Without them, your wet fun blissful enthusiastic BJ dreams are toast.
  • Tragically, they're the skillset most guys overlook or will *think* they already know and yet wonder why the oral affection river has slowed to a trickle... or transformed into an oral desert. 
  • Lots of "aha" moments in here for you.

✅ Part 4 | Don't Screw Up the End Game—Leave Her Looking Forward to the Next Time 🥅

  • Learn the simple but masterful 5-Step Post-BJ Routine for the moments right after she's had her way with you.
  • Find out how to get her back in the mood for more the next day. She'll appreciate this SO MUCH!
  • Become the sort of man who keeps her eagerly coming back for more for all the days to come (no pun intended).


  • Just when you thought you couldn't have your wife or girlfriend more on fire for you and smiling any bigger!
  • Find one bonus JUST FOR SINGLE GUYS! If it's been awhile since you had ANYTHING, you'll love this. Ladies will hate me, though. Too bad. Involuntary celibacy is excruciating for men. This could help, and I'm here to help.
  • Plus, one bonus straight out of a chick flick that your lady, you, and even your children will love. #NotCheezyISwear
  • Last and BEST BONUS: The *major* secret that every woman I've ever talked to just wishes men were aware of. It's something staring you right in the face, dude. Being sure to take care of it will drive almost any woman 100% wild.

✅ Part 5 Continued... | CASH BACK OFFERS! 💸

  • Finally, as a reward for FINISHING the course survey at the end + doing me one more simple favor, I'm giving you $75 cold hard cash back! 💰
  • I'm sick of people asking for me to spend my precious time answering surveys for nada. Aren't you? 
  • So here's just one more incentive to motivate you to complete this fun, gamified, sexy little course. You get to have all these powerful new skills, for less!
  • That makes this a course what I call a "Round Table Win"... because everyone wins here. THAT'S a truly divine and noble business transaction!

What will you settle for?

Are You the Guy Who Gets All He Wants or

the Guy Who Settles for Whatever He Can Get?

sad man

Decided to Never Learn Oral Alchemy

Imagine a guy, let's call him John. John's been married for just 5 years, and things have changed in the bedroom... especially when it comes to oral. Blowjobs, which used to be an exciting and fulfilling part of their intimate routine, has become a chore for her.  It's like the spark has dimmed, and he can't bring himself to complain or keep begging her for it.

Behind that brave, confident facade he shows to the world, John senses that something is off in his marriage, and it's not for the better. It's a feeling that gnaws at him. But what can he do? There isn't really anyone he can talk to about something like this. That would be too weird. Weak. And even maybe disrespectful to his wife.

Then, one day, fate intervenes. John serendipitously stumbles upon an online course that promises to transform not just his oral intimacy but also the quality of his entire marriage. It's called "Oral Alchemy," and it's designed to make blowjobs more exciting again and even better than ever, while sparing him the discomfort of having to ask for it.

The best part? This isn't your run-of-the-mill course; it's gamified, making it loads more fun than any ordinary course. Almost addictive, in fact.

Plus, it comes with a guarantee of wonderful results. And the course creator has even included some sneaky but thoughtful incentives to ensure that John not only starts but actually finishes the course.

But, John hesitates. He thinks, "Wouldn't signing up for this course make him look even more pathetic? Aren't all long-term relationships destined to lose that initial spark?" John opts to pass up his chance to take this course while it is still being offered at its lowest price.

It just sounds too easy and too good to be true. He decides to focus on being a great provider for his family, hoping that his efforts will rekindle the flame over time, especially as their kids grow older. Maybe she'll be less tired then.

Fast forward 12 years, and John's wife has filed for divorce. She's already found someone else, and he'd bet all he has left after the divorce settlement that she's going down on THAT guy on the reg. John can't help but wonder if things might have been different if he'd taken that chance with "Oral Alchemy" when he first noticed those early signs of trouble.

It's a haunting regret that lingers as he moves on with his life, realizing that sometimes, the opportunity to rekindle passion, save a marriage, and hold a family together only comes once. Now, John would give anything to return and take a chance on that stupid little Oral Alchemy course he'd so foolishly dismissed all those years ago.

If only he'd taken the time and snatched up the chance to grow his marriage skills. The price, in comparison to what he's lost since, seems so insignificant. But it's too late.

Don't end up like John. With "Oral Alchemy," you have a real chance to rediscover the magic and keep your love alive. If you're still together, it's never too late to invest in your relationship, and this course might just be the game-changer you need.


Kiddo Elliott

GLAD man

Became a Certified Oral Alchemist

Now, let's imagine another guy named Ricky, a loving husband of five years, who, unlike John, faced a unique challenge in his marriage. His wife had experienced past traumas that made her uncomfortable with the idea of oral intimacy to the point she had never gone down on her husband. Ricky cherished her deeply, so he patiently accepted the situation, believing that over time, as trust grew between them, she'd come to him on her own, ready to explore their love life together.

However, as the years went by, Ricky noticed a troubling shift. His wife was seeming to withdraw more and more from even ordinary intimacy, condemning oral sex and wanting to enjoy other aspects of their lovemaking now as "sinful." Ricky felt trapped in this dilemma, torn between his sexual desires and needs, his compassion for his wife's past, and his commitment to his family's happiness.

Feeling conflicted, he turned to an unhealthy escape, occasionally watching adult content when his wife was asleep. The shame of resorting to this, and the guilt and fear of discovery haunted him, but Ricky believed there were no other options. Cheating was out of the question, and he rationalized that "everyone" watches porn now and he's not watching it often... but still, deep down he knew none of this was good for him or his marriage. Frustrated and helpless, he resigned himself to the status quo.

One fateful night, while secretly browsing the web, Ricky stumbled upon an intriguing ad for an unlikely solution: "Oral Alchemy."
He laughed at first but couldn't shake the idea. Could this course actually help him bridge the gap with his wife, without even having to ask? 

The possibilities were tantalizing, and Ricky decided that not trying would be a greater regret than giving it a shot.

Within weeks, Ricky was amazed. His wife had not only made her first attempts at giving him the oral attention he'd been craving for years, but had also become more affectionate and passionate overall. She seemed happier and more relaxed, too. All her past concerns and fears were melting away, and her whole attitude toward their sex life had changed. She seemed to revel in their lovemaking now.

Their marriage had been good, but now it was flourishing, and Ricky couldn't be happier. His interest in XXX websites faded away to nothing. After all, now he had the keys to get the real thing just the way he wanted it, on-demand, no demands necessary.

Fast forward two decades, and Ricky and his wife are a beacon of love and unity. At their daughter's wedding, attendees inquire about their secret to a successful 25-year marriage.

Ricky modestly shares that he studied and learned a few things along the way he's kept up over the years that just keep paying dividends in his marriage. When pressed, he shares one or two tips, trying to hide a knowing smile as he can't possibly tell them EVERYTHING he'd learned.

During heartfelt toasts and speeches, Ricky's daughter acknowledges her parents as her heroes and models for a successful marriage. Tears welled up in Ricky's eyes as he realized the far-reaching consequences of that simple choice to take an online course.

He thought to himself that life's greatest gifts often come in unexpected, sometimes unconventional forms. You'll never regret trying, even if you fail, but you'll carry the weight of regret if you never make an attempt.

Ricky's story is proof that transformation is possible, even in the unlikeliest of ways. If you hope for an ending like Ricky's, consider giving "Oral Alchemy" a try, because the worst outcome isn't that nothing changes; it's that you never tried and always wondered 'what if.'

With warmth and encouragement,

Kiddo Elliott



4 Full Lessons from the Actual Course



💰 The Refund Protocol 🔥
120-Day No Questions Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee 🎯

My MISSION is to do all I can to help YOU 
reach MISSION ACCOMPLISHED in this course

To that end, should you choose to embark on this Mission, here's the deal (and it's SO easy!):
Though it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY, but...if within 120 days 🗓️ your special lady isn't responding to my top-secret techniques, and you're not experiencing the oral attention I promised you, I'll happily initiate a full refund. 💸
Because I don't win if YOU don't win!

I'm dedicated to guiding you to success. In rare cases, even the best mission agents face unique challenges that need different tactics. So reach out if you need help.
Asking for extra help is totally optional and not required for a refund, I just want you to know it IS an option, so don't be shy. If we can't crack the code together, fear not; your investment is secure. 🛡️

Your mission then, should you accept it, is to engage fully, report back, and witness the transformation. Let's make this mission a success! 🌟🚀