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Is Your Parent Emotionally Immature, Really?

Let's find out for sure!
(then I'll tell you how to find out what TYPE of parent you have)

A straight-talking,
straight up, tell-all
romantic relationships podcast

Get some...
Gentle encouragement,
Compassionate reminders,
And comforting reassurances,
Along with...
Dollops of common sense,
Real, practical techniques,
And often the tough love hard truth you need
To support & inspire you so you can...
Find TRUE love,
Spice it up & make it FUN,
Or get it all back again even better than before...
And make it last a lifetime.

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Helping YOU Crush
the TOP 7Love Killers . . . 


I'm Kiddo Elliott, the Romance Mystic.

πŸ’ŒMy MissionπŸ“œ 
To inspire TRUE love between the sheets . . . 
& divine cooperation between the sexes.

Basically, I'm here to help YOU die happy without too many big regrets . . .

Married for decades to the best kind of person you still get butterflies being around.

Surrounded by your many wonderful children and grandchildren... (that aren't still living in your house, lol). 

And doing work you love that helps make it all a breeze financially.

No money worries, just a great legacy left behind for your family & the world when you go.


What can I do to help you accomplish all this?

I can help you make the choppy, muddy waters of marriage and dating calm & clear.

I can help you claim your chosen purpose, and design your own unique vision for your life, then keep your motivation to make it your reality burning bright.

I will root for you and believe in you 100%, like no one else, no matter what.

It's my super-power!

I'll never allow you to give up on you because I KNOW you can do what you dream.

AND I can share with you some very potent but simple and practical methods and techniquesβ€”along with a whole lot of one-of-a-kind insights from my studies in the premier modern day mystery school and the school of hard knocks (I'm a long-time student of both!)β€”to navigating the TOP 7 CHALLENGE AREAS or 'LOVE KILLERS' in all romantic relationships.  . . .

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You Stink at Identifying a

Truly Great Partner

All that is gold does not glitter . . . 

Your modern dating and married life can seem pretty much doomed to fail. That's what all the statistics and most of our own experiences have seemed to prove, right?

It feels at best like a total roll of the dice, and at worst like a completely hopeless waste of time. So why even bother trying?

No wonder it's #MGTOW we opt for instead. 

But I disagree. It's my observation that most relationship failure in modern times can be attributed to ONE THING: our complete failure to teach men and women how to identify and choose the best kind of member of the opposite sex to get romantically involved with in the first place!


Much less the one we should decide to make our life-long commitments to...

We're just like the clueless millionaire treasure-seeker in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, looking to pick the Holy Grail from among a host of glittering competitors based on the most thoughtless and shallow perceptions and assumptions.

Ultimately, letting some evil dumb brainwashed selfish blonde Nazi do the choosing for us.

And we wonder why our marriages struggle and fail like badly programmed computers!

We started off with bad inputs! (READ MORE HERE)

I want to show you all that I've learned about how to find and keep the sort of romantic relationship and marriage you've always dreamed of - the kind people write songs about - or get it back if the love seems gone.
This is something I am uniquely equipped to do.

If you're curious as to why that is, do I have some tales to tell!  Just read my bio on the About the Author page

But I'm more interested in focusing on YOU . . . and what we can do together to start making your love life more like what you've always wanted, and less like what you might just have ended up with by default.

Here's to your lifelong happiness, with hope restored and love renewed.

Time for Me to Say 'Hasta la Pasta!' 

Meanwhile, you keep thinking deathbed thoughts, my fellow Romance Mystic in the Making (and Mating)! 

🌞Til next time Sunshine, I wish you love.πŸ’•


What fans are saying


OMG this was so good!!! Write faster! I need this feeling every day.

Riley Pool


I had the pleasure of being one of Kiddo's beta readers! Gotta say you did it. My toes were curling for sure. Felt so happy for the next few days after reading. Thank you!

Annie Obregon
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